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Witness the Evolution of Vulnerability Management: Bigger, Faster, Stronger!

Understanding how vulnerability management is critical to the health and effectiveness of a cybersecurity program is critical, and realizing it has evolved into continuous threat exposure management will enable you to continue to reduce cyber risk with your limited resources.

This video shows you exactly what continuous threat exposure management is and why vulnerability management has evolved, and how you can too.

If you are a GRC analyst, vulnerability management analyst, or CISO you will want to watch this.

Thank you and shout out to Cymulate for sponsoring the video.

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⏰ Markers

0:00 Is your business secure with infinite money?

1:12 What is Cybersecurity Attack Path Management?

1:41 What can we learn about cybersecurity from chess?

3:27 What is threat modeling?

3:51 How do you practice incident response?

5:15 Why you can't buy security?

7:40 Why penetration testing isn't enough for vulnerability management?

8:48 What is an incident response plan and what's inside an incident response plan?

9:41 How to implement continuous threat exposure management and attack surface management?

11:17 How to mature your cybersecurity program?

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