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Don't Make THIS Mistake When Breaking Into Cybersecurity! (It Will Cost You!)

Breaking into Cybersecurity? Can't Pick a Direction? Resource Overload? How do you know which Resources are awesome, which are worth the cost, and which will help you break into cybersecurity and get a job?

In this video, I share the top 5 reasons why you NEED to avoid this massive mistake.

📒 Show Notes 📒

⏰ Markers

0:00 Intro

0:27 Overview

0:49 What is the average cost of cybersecurity bootcamps?

1:33 Can I study cyber security for free?

2:48 What should I know before cyber security Bootcamp?

5:15 Can I learn cyber security in 6 months?

6:11 The Biggest Issue I have with Cyber Security Boot Camps

7:40 How do you succeed in cyber security?

8:47 Bonus Tip's

11:28 Outro

Free or Low-Cost Cyber Security Training:

Simply Cyber:

IT pro (ACI Learning): - Use Code "SIMPLYCYBER30" to get 30% off first month/year

Black Hills Information Security/Antisyphon Training:

Whole Cyber Human IInitiative:

TCM Security Academy:

Sans Cyber Aces (beginner):

Cyber Fast Track:

Range Force (It will take Several Days for the account to populate in their system):

Immersive Labs:

Security Blue Team:

INE Cyber Security Training:

Simply Cyber's mission is to help purpose-driven professionals make and take a cybersecurity career further, faster.

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