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How Hyperautomating Microsoft is a SOC Analyst GAME CHANGER! 💥

In this video, I interview Stan Golubchik, CEO Contraforce about his platforms solution of hyperautomating Microsoft to make it so existing cyber spend can realize maximum utility.

Get your money's worth out of your Microsoft licensing, today!


0:56 Can you tell us a little about your journey into cybersecurity, what led you to create ContraForce, and why the focus on 'Democratizing Cybersecurity'?

2:37 Your platform promises to make cybersecurity operations simple and empower entry-level defenders. How does this work in practice, and can you provide us with a real-world scenario?

3:58 Cybersecurity, as a field, is filled with complexities. What's the biggest challenge your team faced in the journey of simplifying cybersecurity operations and how did you overcome it?

5:42 One aspect that stands out is your focus on hyperautomation for Microsoft. Can you elaborate on why this specific focus, and how does your solution integrate with and augment the existing security tools?

7:23 You speak about maximizing the use of security tools that are already in place. Can you share a few key insights or strategies that you've found effective for this in your journey so far?

11:46 Stan, you've seen the SOC struggle. What are some of the most common pain points you've seen organizations deal with in their SOC operations and how does ContraForce address these?

13:34 The success of a cybersecurity company is often closely tied to its ability to adapt and innovate. Can you share about any recent or upcoming advancements in your technology?

16:12 Whats it look like to implement ContraForce?

17:17 Looking towards the future, how is ContraForce planning to further innovate in the cybersecurity space, and what role will your platform play in it?

Stan LinkedIn:

Simply Cyber's mission is to help purpose driven professionals make and and take a cybersecurity career further, faster.


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