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"Unlock Your Digital Future: 5 Must-Know Cyber Jobs"

I cover in-depth 5 entry-level cyber jobs explaining what the role is, what requirements there are for the job, what the actual job entails, and most importantly, what the best part of the job is and what absolutely sucks about the job.

I follow up each job with free resources you can take advantage of to seek positions of that type. Come and get it!!


0:00 Intro


3:35 JOB 1 - What is an Incident Responder (SOC Analyst)

8:25 JOB 2 - What is a Digital Forensics

10:38 JOB 3 - What is a Security Engineer

15:00 JOB 4 - What is a Operator (Pen tester)

19:08 JOB 5 - What is a Vulnerability Assessor (Analyst)

23:45 One Cool Thing

📒 Show Notes 📒

Simply Cyber's mission is to help purpose-driven professionals make and take a cybersecurity career further and faster.

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