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What is World of Haiku and How It's Going to Get You a Cybersecurity Job.

Practical skills can be fun if you are learning through hands on labs, but many labs and platforms assume pre-requisite knowledge, such as basic Linux skills.

Many Offensive Security education models will operate (and for good reason) in the Linux command line interface (The terminal)

Confusion of not knowing how to navigate Linux can lead to frustration which can lead to giving up. We are already hurting for talent, so we don't need this. Well enter World of Haiku, a recently released #cybersecurity #game.

World of Haiku is set in a near future with a rich, cyberpunk world setting where the player has to navigate systems and networks to prevent catastrophic events. The player starts on the first map and is taught fundamental Linux skills and is then able to practice it with guidance. As the story unfolds, the commands increase and the level of support lowers.

This approach makes learning fun and ramps the difficulty up over time akin to a crawl, walk, run learning model. I've played through several maps and while I have substantial experience on the command line and using the pentesting tools the game teaches you, I found the story and gameplay fun and entertaining.

There is a longer term vision for World of Haiku, as a Pro model is in the works which will lead to defensive skilled development (not just all about that hacking love), and will allow players to identify the skills they've developed and map them in real time to REAL OPEN JOBS in the real world that they have qualified for based on their in-game skill development.

🚨🚨 No affiliate program here, just links that take you to the game and tell them you saw it on #SimplyCyber. 😀

I sat down with the CEO of Haiku Inc, makers of World of Haiku. Eric Basu was an incredibly fun and interesting guest to interview and his vision for World of Haiku is something anyone wanting to learn cyber skills should listen too.

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