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Land Your Dream Cyber Security Job: Expert Strategies for a Successful Career!

Talk to a Real person before ever sending an application!

In this video, I go over how to land a job in cyber security without going through the hassle of the HR process of weeding candidates out. Get Real Actionable Intel on how to show up on your Dream companies Radar before you even apply.

📒 Show Notes 📒

⏰ Markers

0:00 Find your Dream Cyber Security Job

0:42 How do you bypass the hr process to get a job

1:45 The secret to landing a job

4:09 Creating an effective LinkedIn profile

6:30 Hacking a Job Through LinkedIn

8:11 How to build your network

10:11 How to Bypass the Hiring Process

14:00 How to get Experience without having experience.

14:20 Outro

Links From Video:

Jax Scott, LinkedIn Branding MasterClass:

Neal Bridges, Hack Your LinkedIn:


Simply Cyber's mission is to help purpose-driven professionals make and take a cybersecurity career further, faster.


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