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Is Cybersecurity For You | 10 Reasons to Start a Career in Cyber Security

Are you ready to join one of our Generation's most exciting and in-demand fields? Then, sit back, and relax because, in the next 15 minutes, I will go over ten reasons why a career in cyber security is right for you.

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0:00 Preview

0:29 Cyber security is in the Highest Demand Ever!

1:34 Does Cybersecurity have Job Security?

2:31 is cyber security high paying?

3:38 Is Cyber Security an exciting Career?

4:25 What are the Opportunities for advancement?

5:48 Access to Cutting-edge technology

6:54 Make a Positive difference

8:14 Constant learning

9:49 Does Cyber Security have Flexibility Hours?

11:22 Global opportunities

12:20 Bonus 11th Tip (shhh, don't tell folks)

14:15 Outro



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