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How to Get Into Cybersecurity with No Experience

In coordination with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NIST NICE), I will be livestreaming a presentation and QA on how to get into cyber without experience.

Cybersecurity is an amazing field with significant opportunity, but individuals are often faced with the catch-22 challenge of needing experience to get a job, but unable to get experience without a job. This livestream talk will navigate the waters of getting into the field of cybersecurity if you currently have no experience. Attendees will learn what Cybersecurity-focused career paths exist, where to access free cybersecurity resources for professional development, and be provided career guidance for maximizing your opportunities.

Link to video

TIME STAMPS (2 parts ➡️ Structure Talk and Q&A)

Structured Talk

4:10 Agenda

6:27 Who am I (Gerald Auger)

7:04 Who is the intended audience for this talk?

11:27 Entry Level in Cybersecurity - A few Truths you need to know

20:00 The breadth of different Cyber Jobs out there

24:35 Certification vs. Work Experience vs. College Education

34:10 How to get cyber work experience WITHOUT a job


50:41 CISA Cert vs. ISO 27001 Cert

51:44 Is CCNA and Linux Essentials a good path for becoming a malware analyst?

53:30 Have a BA and Masters and OSCP; What job should i look for?

56:52 - Difference between Security+ and SSCP?

1:01:20 - What do you think about cloud security?

1:03:24 OSCP vs. eCPPT

1:05:01 Should I include Coursera work on my resume?

1:06:25 How does a lawyer work in cybersecurity?

1:08:33 How do you transition from non-IT career into cyber without starting at entry-level pay?

1:10:23 Should you wait to apply for cyber jobs until you earned a particular certification?

1:12:17 Does cybersecurity favor certain degrees over others?

1:13:53 Is CySA+ worth getting if I have Security+?

1:16:31 What does an InfoSec Employee do?

1:19:26 How can you merge Real Estate and Cybersecurity?

1:21:00 Would doing a class in C++ help you in Cybersecurity?

1:23:24 Should I start my own cyber consultancy?

1:25:44 What are your thoughts on SANS GIAC certification?


📚 MY BOOK: Cybersecurity Career Master Plan: Proven techniques and effective tips to help you advance in your cybersecurity career

(This is an Amazon affiliate link and I get a small commission if you use this link, but it doesn't cost you any more by using the link)


1. SimplyCyber YouTube Channel:

2. Certification Chart:

3. Soteria IR Handler Job Posting:

4. Soteria IR Scenario Questions:

5. CyberBytes Foundation:

6. NIST NICE Jobs:

7. CyberSeek Career Pathway:

8. FORBES Cyber Market Valuation:



10. STOK -





15. AttackIQ Academy -

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