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How to Break Into Cybersecurity NOW!

Hi There! 👋

Want a "Breaking into Cybersecurity Starter Kit"? 💥


🙌 I've literally helped thousands of people do this.

I'm not sure of your progress on the journey so I will make no assumptions. ✅

🧑‍💻No IT background start here:

🤔 Have tech chops and want to work in cyber but don't know what role watch this:

🛡️ Want to be a SOC Analyst watch this:

💥 Want to be a pentester watch this:

💥BONUS - @TCMSecurity PEH Course is Awesome Start into Pentesting--> (note: affiliate link)

📋 Want to work in GRC, I've put together a comprehensive course that has over 10,000 students with tons of positive feedback, and only 1 criticism around fumbling with fonts on camera (being transparent here).

💰The PEH Course and the GRC course costs $29.99 each, but seriously you don't have to spend a penny to get 90% of the way in cybersecurity.

NOT A TYPO. Most of this info is out there, you're paying more for curation and YOUR time.

🆓 Here's a list of FREE cybersecurity resources you can consume:

🤝 It's very valuable to network in industry to get a job, and to stay current on what's going on in industry. BUT HOW DO I NETWORK GERRY??? 👇👇

👩‍💻One is the Simply Cyber Discord server.

Inclusive community of 4000+ cybersecurity or aspiring cybersecurity people.

💙Sharing ideas, network professionally, and generally help each other out. Jump in and say hi.

I promise networking will have a huge benefit to finding a job. 🙏

I've seen and been part of people looking for work, and those looking to hire connect and cut to the chase😉


Another networking option...

I produce a Daily Cyber Threat Briefing every single week day.

We covers the top cyber news stories of the day. 📰🔥

YOU WILL BE ASKED IN ANY CYBERSECURITY JOB INTERVIEW "How do you stay up to date on cybersecurity". 🤯😲

This daily briefing is the perfect answer. 💥

You will learn a lot of terminology and current events 🥰

Consume these resources. 🍴

Take action on the guidance above. It will have impact! 💥

Best wishes and welcome to the cybersecurity community! 💙💙


Gerry 🥰


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