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Do Entry-Level Cyber Security Jobs Exist? (Where to get Started)🔥

In this video, I’ll clear up the misconception that there are no Entry level Cyber Security jobs.

We will also review what to expect from these roles and what salary you should expect. This was a fun video to make, and It was so long that I had to split it in two!

⏰ Chapters with Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

1:20 Who is Gerald Auger

2:14 What is the state of Cybersecurity 2023?

3:03 How much do you get paid in cyber security?

4:54 What types of cyber security jobs are there?

10:45 Where is the best place to find cyber security jobs?

13:28 What do you need to get started in Cyber Security?

14:25 Outro

Check out the Other half of the video below.

Microsoft article on cyber security jobs

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