• Gerald Auger, PhD

Breaking Into Cybersecurity Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Top 5 FAQ Answered!

Want the answers to your TOP 5 cybersecurity job hunting questions from an industry expert that has placed over a 1000 people into a cybersecurity job?

Joe Hudson joined me and shares actionable answers to the top 5 questions in our industry.

0:47 How do I break into cybersecurity?

3:53 How do I identify if a role is remote?

7:39 What certifications will give me the best chance to get a job?

10:01 What are some ways I can make my resume stand out?

12:39 How can I effectively negotiate salary without it being awkward?

15:00 BONUS Question: What is HOT right now in industry?

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Thanks to Joe for providing this insanely valuable resource!

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