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5 Vetted Discord Cyber Communities You Should Join!

If you're looking for inclusive, supportive #cybersecurity communities for networking, knowledge share, and good times.... I got you covered.

Check out these Discord servers for verified good times!

(P.S. Networking is so important! )🤩


💥Blackhills Infosec

John Strand and the whole Blackhills gang have a super supportive and valuable server. The one knock is its SO BIG thats it very busy and can be tough to make connections.

💥Recon Infosec

This group is focused on Blue Team and SOC Analyst life. They are a security company led by security people. Its guaranteed good times.

This is my server so I'm obviously very biased, but I strive to make safe spaces for asking questions and getting answers without criticism. I've seen firsthand the level of help, knowledge share, and networking on this server.

Same as the YouTuber of the same name, DC Cybersec provides real talk on cybersecurity and promotes an inclusive good times community.

💥Cyber Job Hunting

Led by UK cyber recruiters, this server is all about helping people get jobs in the field and make sure their resume is tight and their mind is right for the job hunting process.


Joining is easy, just follow the link.

Follow server rules (they are all basically 'dont be a jerk')

Say hi, and start learning and sharing 💪

You'll be stunned at how much value you get out of it!😲

That's a wrap!

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