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5 "Insider" SOC Analyst Resources (🔥 Be Better, Faster, Stronger)

Want the inside secret on cybersecurity resources around SOC Analyst skills, tips, tricks, resources. Short video, Big Value.

0:00 Preview

0:24 Connect with other industry professionals

1:11 Get up to date threat intel

1:58 SOC Analyst interview questions and answers

2:49 Build a home SOC Analyst Lab

4:21 Get Top Notch SOC Analyst Training

5:33 Automate All The Things

Recon INFOSEC Thursday Defensive

Lima Charlie Slack

Simply Cyber SOC Analyst QA

So You Want To Be a SOC Analyst Blog by Eric Capuano

BlackHills Infosec Active Defense and Cyber Deception

TINES Automation

Simply Cyber's mission is to help purpose driven professionals make and and take a cybersecurity career further, faster.


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