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5 Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs

You want to work in cybersecurity, but not sure which role?

I've worked in industry for nearly 20 years and you can to💥

Here are 5 entry cybersecurity level roles that might be a good fit:👇

*[All links are timestamped; takes you to the exact moment that matters] 🚀


[1] SOC Analyst 🛡️

Blue team defender with hands on keyboard defending, responding, and hunting for threats and compromises. Lot of opportunity with MSSPs for this role.

I did a deeper dive on SOC Analyst here:


[2] Digital Forensics Engineer (DFIR) 🔎

You are like a detective going through evidence trying to piece together what happened and recovering data. You are collecting evidence and it may be used in court. CSI-esque.

I give deeper analysis on DFIR here:


[3] Security Engineer 🖥️

Now this 'role' is generic in title, but my intent here is you are working security technologies like EDR, MDM, or Firewalls.

I give deeper analysis on Security Engineer here:


[4] Pentester 😈

The 'hacker' role. Its matured over the years and you could 'attack' web apps, mobile apps, networks, and more. You use tools to get systems to do things they shouldn't, document it, and share.

I give deeper analysis on Pentester here:


[5] Vulnerability Assessment Analyst 🤓

Conduct network and system audits to find missing patches and security misconfigurations. Work with IT and the business to get them mitigated.

Get a deeper analysis on Vulnerability Assessor here:



If you don't have Information Technology (IT) experience encourage you go through the FREE SANS Cyberaces education.

Gives a great primer on Networking, OS, and programming. The networking and OS are a must if you are short on time.


Also practitioners need to stay current on cybersecurity trends and news.

Receive a Live Stream Briefing (from me) every weekday morning covering the top news stories of the day and giving my analysis on each event on what it means to you.

P.S. GRC Analyst is an entry level role too, but I'm doing a separate post on that to cover the multiple types of GRC entry level roles 🔥🔥

Thanks y'all


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