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12 Incredible SOC Analyst Interview Questions Examples

Cybersecurity interview coming up?

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By going through these interview questions and answers you'll definitely reinforce what you already know and be able to understand why questions are being asked so you can answer the general idea of what they're asking!

Let me answer 12 interview questions and tell you WHY we’re asking them💥

[1] Explain risk, vulnerability and threat?

Classic keyword definitions that are commonplace in industry.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=204

[2] What is the difference between Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption and which one is better?

Two types of encryption, and not directly applicable to day to day, worth knowing the diff

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=429

[3] What is an IPS and how does it differs from IDS?

SecOps technology used to help defend the castle.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=621

[4] What is XSS, how will you mitigate it?

Not my strong suit, and I give a passable answer, but may want to google a more deep answer.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=761

[5] What is the difference between encryption and hashing?

Two keywords that are def worth understanding, especially in SecOps and Red Team work.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=876

[6] Are you a coder/developer or know any coding languages?

Gauging your acumen with dabbling or if you already have coding you can bring to job. Not a requirement unless called out in job req.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=1051

[7] What is a Security Misconfiguration?

Vulns aren’t all 0-days. Many are misconfigurations. Be ready to name a few examples.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=1138

[8] What is a Black hat, white hat and Grey hat hacker?

Terms that are phasing out of industry, but not fully. And your interviewer may use these terms or ask about them.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=1281

[9] What is a firewall?

Foundational piece of Security Tech. Know a good answer to this if asked.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=1338

[10] How do you keep yourself updated with the information security news?

Whether you’re with me at simplycyber.io/streams or if you do it on your own, def stay current. YOU WILL BE ASKED HOW YOU STAY CURRENT 💯

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=1577

[11] The world has recently been hit by ……. Attack/virus etc. What have you done to protect your organization as a security professional?

Scenario based question to see how you think and depth of your knowledge. Worth also thinking of a recent news story and how you may weave that into the answer.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=1640

[12] What is the CIA triangle?

Day 1 of any security training. If you can’t answer this, you’re in trouble.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=1955

[BONUS!] HIDS vs NIDS and which one is better and why?

Security technology question and if you’re a secops analyst, def need to know.

Get my full answer here: (jumps right to it) https://youtu.be/YfNr1vx3lEM?t=1990

Seriously suggest watching the whole video, here’s just a few comments. Makes me smile every time.

💥 I crushed my third and final interview because of this video. Thanks Gerry. -John

💥 Great video, I have a SOC analyst 1 interview tomorrow. This was great for brushing up on. (He got the job) - Bryan

💥I could have answered 90-ish% of the questions in the video, so I’m now much more confident and this smashed my imposter syndrome. - Stacy

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