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Top 25 OSINT Tools (Whats Hot🔥! Whats Not!)

In this video, I'm reviewing the top 25 OSINT tools and providing my take on each.

Ethical hackers and penetration testers use OSINT tools to perform public data reconnaissance. These tools help automate and expedite the data gathering phase of a project.

⏰ Markers

0:00 Preview


2:05 CheckUserNames

2:40 HaveIbeenPwnd

3:10 beenVerified

3:39 Censys

4:01 BuiltWith

4:37 GoogleDorks

5:13 Maltego

6:04 Recon-NG

6:38 theHarvester

7:15 Shodan

4:46 JigSaw

8:09 SpiderFoot

8:38 Creepy

9:18 Nmap

10:13 WebShag

10:43 OpenVas

11:17 Fierce

11:57 UnicornScan

12:27 Foca

13:33 ZoomEye

14:36 Spyse

15:18 IVRE

15:59 Metagoofi

16:58 Exiftool

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