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Introducing the GRC Analyst Master Class!
Gerald Auger - Simply Cyber

Introducing the GRC Analyst Master Class!

Introducing the GRC Analyst Master Class!

Let's Ransomware Manufacturing Company

🔴 Hacking All The Things - Attacking Orgs

🔴 How to Cybersecurity (FULL EXPLANATION)

🔴Will CMMC Level 1 Actually Protect You From Cyber Attack?

🔴 Everything About SIEM Engineering

🔴Why You Need To Understand Zero Trust Architecture

🔴 Active Ransomware Incident Response Day in the Life

Complete GRC Entry-Level Interview Questions and Answers

🔴 Hacktivist Attacks on an Oil and Gas Company

🔴 When Cybersecurity Forces Clash

Cybersecurity Supply Chain NIST 800-161r1 Review

Cybersecurity Job Market 2022 (Resume Roasting)

🔴 How to Socially Engineer Into a Oil and Gas - Speed Run Simulation

🔴 Dominate in Cybersecurity with Chris Rock

🔴 Social Engineering Physical Access to Touch OT/ICS

🔴 Have the Aussies Got #Cybersecurity Figured Out?

🔴 Are Tattoos Taboo in the Modern Workplace?

🔴 Conti Ransomware Gang Analysis

🔴 How To Reverse Engineer Like A Boss

🔴 That Cybersecurity Product Life - Day In The Life

🔴 Modern SOC Analyst Workflows

First Things First - Going Deep - Okta Breach Analysis

🔴 Practical SOC Analyst Core Skills with John Strand

🔴 Current State of ICS Security with Rob Lee

🔴 True Stories of Breaking Into Cybersecurity (Radio Call-In Show)

🔴 When Bug Bounty and Job Hunting Collides

UNBELIEVABLE Training in Active Defense and Cyber Deception

🔴 All Things Cyber in AI, Conferences, Education, and So Much More 🚀

How to GRC Like A Boss with Erika McDuffie

What Is Cyber Cartography? With Ricky Tan

Hot Takes on Cool Jobs #Cybersecurity

🔴 A Tale of Two Cyber-Cities | First Hand Account of Reinventing Yourself

Breaking Into Cybersecurity Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Top 5 FAQ Answered!

🔴 Disrupting Cyber Education with John Strand

🔴 Hot Takes on Current Cybersecurity Events

🔴 Practical Corporate Cybersecurity Risk Management (Seriously)

Top 10 Search Engines for Security Pros (Bookmark' em NOW!)

Whats Next in 2022 for SimplyCyber? (Annual Retro/Planning)

How I Analyze Malware In My Day To Day (Manual and Automated Tooling)

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