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Gerald Auger PhD

Helping YOU Make and Take a Cyber Career Further, Faster


Years of Experience





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No prerequisites, no technical background needed, any point in your career journey; this course can deliver value to you.

Lecture and labs delivering practical knowledge in audit, risk, and awareness.

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Simply Cyber YouTube channel has hundreds of free cybersecurity content to help you understand how to start and navigate a career path in cybersecurity.



Link to Simply Cyber YouTube playlist on how to become a soc analyst

Blue team (SOC Life) is a great path to take in cybersecurity. Where is the path?, what do you do first? What are challenges of the job?

This playlist highlights and clarifies through the perspective of multiple professional SOC analysts what you want to know and what you NEED to know to become a SOC analyst.

Link to Simply Cyber YouTube playlist on how to break into the cybersecurity industry with no IT background

Is Cybersecurity for IT people only? NO! But how does one start without an IT background?

This playlist is designed for those folks that want to get into the cybersecurity field and need to understand what its about, what pieces of IT they need to learn (and learn it through these videos), to have a successful cybersecurity career.

Link to Simply Cyber YouTube playlist on how to transition from the military to cybersecurity

Veterans have access to many resources and opportunities but may not know how to best position themselves into the cybersecurity industry.

This playlist highlights and clarifies transitioning from military service into cybersecurity. There are episodes with interviews of former services members giving their perspective and take on it.

Dr. Gerald Auger PhD

Who is Gerald Auger, PhD?

I'm incredibly passionate about cybersecurity and helping others. I've worked in the industry for nearly two decades, hold multiple degrees in cybersecurity related fields, and love sharing my experience.



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